Recognised expertise

With firm roots in the regions in which it operates, Tereos is a cooperative group with strong ties to the agricultural world. Tereos represents 12,000 cooperative members and 24,000 employees around a shared vision: adding value to agricultural raw materials and offering high-quality food products. Tereos has proven expertise in processing sugar beet, sugar cane, cassava, potatoes and cereals.

Our commitment to sustainable development

Tereos places sustainable development at the heart of its strategy, combining economic performance and corporate social responsibility over the long term. To this end, Tereos has drawn up a strategy around five pillars: sustainable agriculture, positive logistics and industry, product guarantees, local development, and nutrition and health. These pillars cover the social and environmental impact of Tereos across the whole value chain, from the production of agricultural raw materials to their processing and end use.

The pioneer of oligofructose in Europe

Tereos is acknowledged as the pioneer in oligofructose production in Europe.
The prebiotic effect of oligofructose was officially recognised by the French authorities in 1996. Ever since, Tereos has been exploring the benefits of fibre for both humans and animals.
The experts and engineers at Tereos are developing innovations inspired by the research of the international scientific community to bring consumers the very best of sugar beet.
Actilight® Fibre is the fruit of the know-how and exacting standards that the Tereos Group draws on in creating a healthy, high-quality product that meets the needs of consumers. This is the key to a healthier, more balanced diet that you can trust.