Intestinal health

« My little intestinal problems

or my bloating end up

having an effect on my mood…

What’s the connection between

my intestine and my moods? »

Emilie E.
34 years old, Angers

Our intestine is like a second brain: it’s a source of emotions and directly influences our everyday lives. So looking after our intestinal flora can make us feel better… Give it the care and attention it deserves!

The intestine’s role

Our intestine is no ordinary organ… It plays a crucial role, enabling the absorption of nutrients from food and distributing energy throughout our body. And if the intestine is in good health, it forms a formidable barrier to germs!

An inner life

We all have lots of good bacteria in our digestive system! Our intestinal flora is made up of one hundred billion bacteria and yeasts. And they do great work, regulating digestive transit, synthesising vitamins, metabolising hormones… and protecting us by preventing harmful bacteria from attaching themselves to the intestinal lining and penetrating our body. They form a stable ecosystem that is beneficial for digesting food and maintaining proper intestinal transit. In brief, they’re pretty amazing.

Influence on the whole body

It’s long been known that micro-organisms in the human intestine play an important role in digestive health, so it’s important to look after them! Frequent consumption of food lacking fibre can lead to intestinal problems. Let’s rebalance our diet!

The intestine directly affects our mood

Serotonin, the happy hormone, regulates our mood and is found not just in our brain, but our intestine too. So it’s not surprising that our intestinal flora affects our general wellbeing: it can change our behaviour, cause daily problems and fatigue, as well as influencing what we want to eat…